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  • Profesional Resiko Cendikia (Pro-Cendikia) is a consulting firm consist with very talented, expertized and innovative consultant in assurance services to obtain significant benefit through integrated information technology solutions. We are the first Indonesian company who developed ERM and Risk Based Audit solution for various client industry.
  • Pro-Cendikia can assist your organization apply an integrated approach to identifying and assessing business-critical risks, evaluating existing risk management infrastructure elements, and constructing continuous according to various ERM best practice (i.e. ISO 31000, ISO 27000, Sarbanes Oxley, Basel II-III, Project Risk Management, Information Technology Risk Management (COBIT Compliance), COSO ERM, Healthcare and Clinical Risk Governance.

Rio Harcan, M.Ak., MPM (CEO)

Rio Harcan is Founder of Premier Risk Catalyst and Profesional Risiko Cendikia Rio has 20 years in assurance services including risk management, IT Audit, Internal Audit and IT Governance. Rio has significant experience as IT Auditor and Risk Management Consultant for International client such as Islamic Development Bank, Bank of Thailand, SDG Group, RMSS. Rio also serving blue chip clients such as Bank Mandiri, Bank Resona Perdania, BCA , Bank Niaga, Bank BII, Bank Danamon, BRI, BTPN, INCO, AJB Bumiputera, ABDA Insurance, Bank Master Prima, Pelindo III, Pelindo IV, many more.

Achmad Ryan Ronas, BKP (CFO)

Ryan Ronas, is Tax Specialist and Consultant. He has experience as Tax consultant more than 15 years in PBTaxand as Senior Manager and Founder Foresight Tax Consulting. Ryan has significant experience handling multinational company, big enterprise company in tax planning, tax audit and other tax compliance issues.

Budi Enda Dhaniswara, QIA, CRMP, EMRCP, CFE (Partner)

Budi Enda, is a master of accounting of Institute Pertanian Bogor, the holder of the certificate audit and risk management, among others QIA, CRMP, EMRCP, CFE. He has experience as an chief internal auditor more than 25 years in Pertamina Group, has served as Audit Manager in Pertagas . He has participated in workshops / seminars in the country and abroad in the relevant disciplines. Experience as a lecturer at several universities in Jakarta. Special interest in the areas of audit, risk management, corporate governance, and human resource management.

Our Services

ERM Implementation

  • We provide comprehensive ERM services designed to ensure client can comply to ISO 31000 and other ERM best practices (COSO ERM Framework, SOX Compliance, Project Risk Management, Base II - III).
  • Type of services
    • ERM policy and procedure development
    • ERM In-house training
    • ERM maturity assessment
    • Enterprise risk assessment
    • ERM co-sourcing
    • ERM web based software implementation

Risk Based Audit Implementation

  • Client may encounter difficulties when integrated risk profile into audit universe caused ERM maturity or risk assessment done manually. We are not expert to create audit plan based on risk profile. We also have the tools that make risk profile integration into audit universe easier to setup annual audit plan through our ERM and Risk Based Audit software.
  • Type of services
    • RBA policy and procedure development
    • RBA In-house training
    • Create annual audit plan based on risk profile
    • Improved audit program based on risk pofile
    • Enchanced audit technique to control testing
    • RBA software implementation

Internal Audit Co-souring

  • The objective of internal audit co-sourcing is carried out by a partnership with a company's in-house internal audit department and an externally hired internal audit service provider. Co-sourcing allows for the internal audit department to work with a trusted internal auditing firm.
  • Type of services
    • Internal audit peer review
    • Internal audit work outsourcing
    • Internal audit organization and resources improvement based upon IIA best practice

Information System Audit

  • Effective Information Systems auditing helps and guides businesses towards better IT processes and procedures. Our information system audit ensure your IT governance comply to COBIT framework, ISO 27000, ITIL and CMMI.
  • Type of services
    • COBIT compliance
    • ISO 27000 compliance
    • Network infrastructure and operating system audit
    • Penetration testing
    • ERP / Accounting software specific application control review
    • Data center audit

ERP / Business Solution / Vendor Selection Review

  • Selecting the right ERP system or any other business solution to enabling business process or automate supply chain management could be risky decision. Inadequate ERP selection cost company money, time, stakeholders satisfaction. We have tools and methodology to ensure client selecting right ERP or Business Solution to meet business requirements and technical requirements
  • Type of services
    • ERP vendor selection assistance
    • ERP project management assurance
    • ERP post implementation review

IT Project Management / Software Development Assurance

  • Successful IT project or software development project rely on strong project management practice and project manager leadership. Most IT Project / software development burns out to maintain some aspect on the track (i.e. time, cost, resources, quality and outcome)
  • Type of services
    • IT Project / software development management outsourcing
    • IT Project / software development audit
    • IT Project risk assessment
    • Develop user acceptance testing for particular IT Project

Business continuity management implementation

  • Climate global changing and massive cyber crime have impact to business continuity. Mostly the company are not ready to recover the business when catastrophic happen. The need for an effective risk reduction and business continuity management (BCM) program has never been so evident.
  • Type of services
    • BCM policy and procedure development
    • BCM software implementation
    • BCM simulation testing

Big Data Analysis / Computer Assisted Audit Technique Outsourcing

  • Big data analytical for audit purposes become demanded significantly. Auditors facing new technique to make audit process more efficient and effective. Continuous audit and continuous monitoring can not be done without advanced audit technique. Internal audit organization invested to purchase audit tools are not getting benefit from it as they do not know how to optimize the tool or having lack of competency to utilize the audit software properly. We have tools that can be use both for IT and Audit objectives without any programming skills needed.
  • Type of services
    • InfoZoom in-house training
    • InfoZoom Implementation for audit and forensic analytics
    • Data analytic for specific audit objective
    • Continuous Audit / Continuous Monitoring using InfoZoom

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